Hair By Gloria

Real reviews from real customers.

"Gloria Stone has been cutting my hair for the last 14 years. I've followed her to several salons over the years because she's that good. I'm somewhat picky about my hair and Gloria does the best job with a flattop I've ever seen. She also does a fantastic job of applying light color. I have some grey and her color leaves the grey I like and the parts I don't like just disappear.

Recently, I received a huge compliment on my haircut about 2 weeks after Gloria cut it. I was at the Chris Isaak concert at the Grove on 8/1 and Chris asked me who cut my hair and how long ago it was cut. I told him Gloria Stone had cut it for 14 years and he asked where her shop was located. I gave him Gloria's card so Gloria, if Chris or his band shows up at Salon Dion, call me, I want to be there and maybe catch a free concert!

How good is Gloria's haircut? I once had a Navy Admiral tell me it was so flat he could land an F-18 on it! Now that's a real good haircut!"
Anaheim, CA

"So we tracked this place on yelp. after arranging 2 hair appointments and having our car got towed, we gave up on "appointment-only " salons, and decided to call around for walk-ins. keeping in mind that we didnt want to leave a hole in our wallets for a mens hair-cut.

Since we were in the area, i yelped around and found this place. Adrian picked up the phone, and was very friendly in helping us find the salon. & told us that all mens cuts are only $15 !

Once we walked in we received a warm welcome from Adrian and Gloria (who was the one who helped us out.)

She asked us what we wanted. (and me being swag-tastic, gave directions on what my man-friend wanted). which was a trim. ha. i described to her how i wanted it trimmed, and she paraphrased, and asked additional (more specific) questions to make clear of what we were looking for.

as she was cutting, she joked around with us, kept the conversation rolling, and always asked for my opinion on how his haircut was coming along . (+points)

although the haircut was only $15, we tipped her another $15 for her great service.

(i wish i could of given a 4.5 on stars, but the only reason why i didnt give a perfect 5.0 was because, although i DID ask for a trim, i was hoping she would add a little bit of a flare to it. it ended up looking like a shorter version of the hairstyle which he came in with. but hey, i guess thats what a "trim" means. & she was successful in giving what we asked for. either way, she was fantastic, and we will be coming back again fsure.)"
Irvine, CA

"This was my first time at Salon Dion. Tracy spent 3 hours fixing my color. I had grey and dark and dark brown and wanted to go lighter without damaging my hair. She did an amazing job! Amazing! Love the caramel highlights and she evened out the color! Tracy worked some true magic on my hair! I looooove it!"
Huntington Beach, CA

"I love this salon! Tracy is fantastic.

I was looking for a different salon after trying to get red highlights at a different salon. The lady didn't do my hair wrong once, but twice. So I looked on here, saw the great reviews and immediately scheduled an appointment. Right away I could tell a difference. She worked quickly and cleanly. She knew what she was talking about and really made sure she understood what I wanted before starting. She and Gloria also gave me tips on how to help my color last. I left completely 100% satisfied. The color line they use is amazing. There is no comparison. I will come back for sure. Even if I move away one day, I will travel the distance to have my hair done here."
Tustin, CA

"The boyfriend and I love Adrian! We have been going to him for the past few months for our haircuts. He always listens to what we want and does a great job doing so. Not only does he style our hair but became a friend and even invited us to go see his band! Seriously does your hair stylist have a band?! :P Great salon."
Huntington Beach, CA

"Gloria has been doing my hair cuts for a number of years; went from long hair to short hair. I have followed her around the county
because she does such a Great job with my hair; I have some curl in my hair and a cow lick. I had to use other people in the shops
that she has worked in and they never gave me the style or cut for my particular type of hair like she does. I would recommend her
to veryone! Gloria is a very nice lady; I consider her a friend."
AKA Angel Fan

"I have been coming to get my hair cut by Gloria for about the past ten years. She does such an awesome job that I have traveled
to where ever she was working at to get my hair cut. I am always pleased with the way my hair turns out and do not want anyone
else cutting or styling my hair."
Huntington Beach, CA

"My wife and I luckily stumbled upon Gloria Stone about 6 years back and have followed her all around Orange County throughout
the years. She is currently at Allure Hair Salon in Fountain Valley and Salon Dion in Huntington Beach. Or she can be
found online... For a no-regrets haircut with a smile, trust Gloria!"
Melissa and Lynn
Huntington Beach, CA